The focus here is on advising primarily medium-sized companies on drafting contracts and on corporate law issues relating to partnerships or corporations (GmbH, AG) or on shareholder disputes. Dr. Siohl also has experience in international corporate law, e.g. in the negotiation and preparation of cross-border acquisitions or mergers (M&A) involving European and non-European companies.

The knowledge of corporate law and tax law acquired by Dr. Michael, attorney at law, in a law firm providing business advice and auditing services, is also helpful in this context. He is a specialist lawyer for tax law. His work is not limited to business consulting and design services, but also includes the judicial enforcement of claims or the defence against claims of third parties.

Notarial activity

In corporate and company law, our team drafts incorporation, amendment and dissolution agreements to be notarised and executed, as well as agreements on capital increases and conversions. Notarizations of general meetings are part of our field of activity as well as the execution of all association registration work.


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Dr. Andreas Michael Dr. Ulrich Siohl

Dr. Ulrich Siohl

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